A pot of gold at Walney Island

Better known for it’s Engineering heritage rather than it’s leisure industry I was  commissioned to shoot some images to illustrate the research and deployment of some hardy grass seeds to this West Coast site where the wind constantly blows at levels considered by most to be gale force and the rain predominantly falls horizontally.

The ongoing trials by Barenbrug and the Head Greenkeeper at Furness Golf Club, located on Walney Island adjacent to Barrow, have resulted in the standards of course achieved today. Despite the wind, rain, soaking by seawater and salt deposits Barenbrug are helping maintain the Golf Links to the standards demanded by Alick Mackay the head Greenkeeper.

The Greens at Barrow Golf Club. The idylic view hides the vast amount of work involved to attain this level of perfection.

The Greens at Furness Golf Club. The idylic view hides the vast amount of work involved to attain this level of perfection.

The weather was atrocious.

However, assisted by Alick and his watch for decent weather on the high tide resulted in this spectacular view. After a couple of aborted attempts to photograph the links, because of the unpredictable nature of the weather in the area, and sitting typing this now in the midst of weather warnings, warning to expect a months rain in the next 36 hours (to give you an idea of the the type of conditions we’re experiencing here in November)  – indicates the sort of challenge faced.

Part of the research into the what, why, where, and how to ensure the upkeep and improvement to the links, Alick and Barenbrug have been conducting trials of grass recipes on site to ensure success. Pictured here , Alick surveys the trial area which will help to ensure that the future of the liesure industry in Barrow continues to defy the elements and everything that can be thrown at it.

Alick Mackay Head Green Keeper, Barrow Golf Club

Alick Mackay Head Green Keeper, Furness Golf Club

For the technical minded, this image was created using 2 Quantum T5d-R’s ganged together to light Alick fired by FreeXwire. We were travelling pretty lightweight over the links and extra power was needed to separate Alick a little from the background further to the single T5d-R already being used. Despite having 400ws Qpaq’s in the car if needed, the T5d-R’s worked out fine. Both Quantums were at full power, and although this photograph doesn’t show it – so was the wind.

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