Makro Mailing Sales Catalogue

With the rush to the Easter break came an urgent demand for a four person shoot in a pub. With the World Cup approaching, those all important consumables needed to be publicised and moved to the retailers shelves.

‘We need a pub, some food – chips, sandwiches, drinks, a television depicting World Cup football and it needs to fit in ‘this’ shape for the cover’.

With time, these things tend to be easy to arrange, but when there’s an urgency then you need to call on other professionals and get them involved. It helps knowing people with with pubs, bars and hotels as well as the model bookers at the agencies who can turn things around at short notice.

The layout was fixed, so the composition needed to fit the layout rather than be pictorially balanced. It seemed to work out fine.

World Cup promotional catalogue for Makro

World Cup promotional catalogue

An early morning start on a ‘quiet’ day ensured that we caused as little disruption as possible, and the timings were perfectly in line with the managers predictions with our party finishing just before the rush.

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